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Our Vision is to be a voice, provide wellness and financial support for low income non verbal children and their families. An empathetic shoulder for autism parents, and a safe space for families to share their stories, their wins, and their challenges.


We promise to bring awareness to the plight of Autism families and the Autism Spectrum across the globe.  We will provide support that will bridge the gap between low income Autism families and life enhancing resources that can help those affected by Autism reach their full potential in all aspects of financial and mental wellness.

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Pamela McClain - Co-President

Pamela is a divorced mother of two.  Her son Steven Jr. was diagnosed with Autism in July 2012 at the age of three (3).  Throughout the years prior to and after the divorce, Pam and her ex-husband struggled to provide Steven Jr. with the extra services and products needed for his growth.  From braces for his toe walking, to Gluten free/high fiber diets, to medication.  Pamela helped to start Signed, An Ausome Parent to help other parents/households like hers struggling to make ends meet and help their Ausome Child thrive. 

Jennifer Owens - Co-President

Jennifer is an engaged mother of three.  Her son Mykel Jr was diagnosed November of 2020 at the age of 4.  Due to demanding work schedules and Covid it has been hard to make the time for Jr's much needed therapies.  She is in the beginning stages of her journey; and even at this early stage she can easily see how families of children with autism can earn 17% less; as keeping up with the demands of work and home can be very challenging for Autism mothers and fathers.  She has also experienced great stress and anxiety in these beginning stages of the journey.  This is why Jennifer saw a need for Signed an Ausome Parent.


Our mission is to provide C.A.R.E for Autism Families in need of financial help or resource guidance.


Confidence – To help provide resources both therapeutic and sensory tools to create confidence in families to work together as a team to help improve the life of their Autistic, Ausome family member

Advocacy– We want to be an advocate for families, to help assist them in getting whatever financial and or therapeutic, mental help they may need to be able to properly care for their autistic family member.

Resources – We want to be a resource and provide resources.

Empowerment– We want to empower families to become financially stable and provide resources to maintain financial stability so that they may be able to continue to focus on their own wellness and the wellness of their autistic family member or child.



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